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Pallet Rack Repair + Protect Services

RackmedX provides pallet rack repair and protect services to facilities that experience extensive and recurring pallet rack impact damage. These technicians are experienced in manufacturing and distribution environments. Your safety regulations are respected and enforced, even when you're not looking.

Components are fabricated, delivered, and installed by RackmedX factory-trained technicians or a certified distributor/installer near you. Get in touch with us by phone or email for a distributor near you and see how affordable pallet rack repair and protect services can be.

Parts for Rack Protection and Support

EconomaX factory installed

RackmedX technicians eliminate most of the costly and time-consuming tasks associated with recurring pallet rack impact damage, including:

No Unloading + Reloading the Racks:
Damage at or above the load beam will require that load to be removed, from that beam level only, on both sides of the damaged rack column. We can repair damage at any beam level, including at floor level.

No Dismantling + Installing New Racks:
RackmedX technicians can repair 30 to 50 damaged racks per day, and in most cases, without unloading the racks. Save 50% or more and eliminate the disruption of dismantling and installing replacement racks.

Having to Buy Expensive Column Guards:
All EconomaX components include impact protection.

Technicians You Can Count On

All repair components are fabricated, delivered, and installed by RackmedX factory technicians who are:

Experienced: Team leaders and project managers have 15+ years experience. All repair technicians have 15 or more years of field repair experience.
Professional: In demeanor, appearance, and skills.
Qualified: Welders and installers are tested by independent labs.

Narrow aisle column guards 

These 11 ga.column guards with 3/8" footplates provide protection from dents and dings that eventually reduce the load capacity of the rack upright frame.

Service Options

Our technicians can repair and protect your racks anywhere in the U.S. Our dealer network will arrange local installations on smaller repair projects or factory technicians for larger repair projects. Our easy-to-install components can be installed by experienced maintenance personnel. We highly recommend you unload the racks if you intend to install with in-house maintenance personnel.

Steps in Installing a Rack Component